Will Solar Energy Be the Cheapest Option?


Douglas Hutchings, a tech entrepreneur here in Northwest Arkansas, received half a million dollars in grant money from the Department of Energy for his work on one simple effort: making the materials for solar energy installations cheaper. Hutchings was quoted as saying that the new technology they’re working on now will make solar energy the cheapest source of electricity available.

Currently, a good solar array can be fairly pricey. The savings on energy can quickly pay back the cost of the installation and then some, but there is an initial investment that can cause some people to hesitate.

Will a solar installation cost less in the future? Probably so. It costs much less now to install solar heating than it did in the 20th century. Most technology does become more efficient and less costly over time.

Should you wait to switch to solar energy in case the price goes down? That’s actually the wrong question. The right question would be: can you wait to use electricity until the price of solar goes down? If not, then waiting for the price of solar to fall means you will be spending more than you need to until that happy day arrives.

Call us now to find out what a switch to renewable energy will cost you. Then you can ask yourself one more question: do I want to make a difference now or later? Switching to renewable energy helps your home or business finances, but it also helps the earth. Why wait?

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