A New Business Model for Solar Energy?


Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu would like to see a change in the way solar power is installed  in U.S. homes — not in the technical procedure, but in the business model.

Now, homeowners and business owners pay to have renewable energy projects completed on their property. Some of these projects are grid tied — that is, they’re connected with the local electric grid in ways that allow the owner to use electricity from the power company when they choose to or need to, and to sell excess energy production back to the company for credits on their electric bill.

Chu proposes that the power companies should install solar panels (PV modules) and backup batteries free of charge. The owners of the buildings are allowing the power companies to use a small part of their property — say, a corner of their roof — in exchange for the solar power. This gives the power companies a new source for power… potentially millions of new sources.

Consumers will continue to pay for their electricity in the usual way. Costs might be lower, but even if the costs remain the same, consumers will benefit by having the battery backup in place in case of a power outage.

We’d all also benefit by having more of our energy come from renewable sources.

It’s an interesting idea. In the meantime, you have the choice of benefiting immediately from a grid-tied system. Contact us to set the process in motion.

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