Flint Richter
Owner of Richter Solar Energy

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I moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1987 to attend the University of Arkansas and like many I decided to call this beautiful area home.  I became interested in solar energy in 1993 after hearing Kyle Kellams interview Rocky Grove Sun Company founder Jimis Damet.  It was after this original inspiration that I set a wavering course to one day build an off grid property which would of course be solar powered.

By 1998 I had gathered enough information and skill to take on my first off grid solar installation — helping a good friend redesign and upgrade the existing solar power system at his newly purchased off grid property.  It went well and from that point on I managed to keep finding small solar related jobs here and there.

In 2001 my path crossed with the original Ozarks solar pioneer, Jimis Damet and we started to work together on Rocky Grove Sun Company jobs all over the region, including sites in  Missouri and Oklahoma and places in Arkansas that very few humans ever have the pleasure of visiting.  The experiences I had while working with this true solar pioneer have given me a very broad base of expertise in all aspects of solar power systems.  We worked on everything from small remote PV direct water pumping systems to three phase industrial grid tied interconnections. We had the pleasure of working together until August of 2014 when Jimis passed away.

My goal with Richter Solar Energy is to continue down the path I started on way back in 1998: using the knowledge gained through years of direct experience to facilitate high quality, code compliant, affordable solar energy installations in Northwest Arkansas.

In addition to my work regionally I also teach contract classes in solar PV technology for Solar Energy International all over the nation.

In my spare time I can be found spending time with my lovely wife and two daughters, possibly working in the garden or hiking our land in Boxley Valley where we finally got to build that off grid cabin that originally inspired my journey in solar energy.

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