With over 18 years of experience designing and installing solar electric systems in Northwest Arkansas, we know what products and designs work best in our area. From off grid residential to grid tied commercial, our team can design and install a turnkey solar energy system to match your needs, budget, and long term financial goals.


All of our projects are designed and installed by our growing team of highly trained NABCEP certified PV installers. NABCEP certification is the national standard for solar energy professionals and your assurance that the individuals installling solar on your home or business have years of technical training in our craft.


We feel solar technology is one of the answers for our planet’s energy future. Our passion for the technology spills out into our community via educational events at schools, concerts, and public events. We solar power many events in the area throughout the year as an example of the technology’s flexibility and reliability.


A few of our solar energy installations

Choosing solar energy gives you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint — and your energy bills. Choosing Richter Solar Energy gives you the confidence of knowing that you have experienced solar energy experts on the job.

The map at left shows just some of the installations our team has worked on over the years. These jobs include small residential off-grid projects to large commercial grid connected work. In each case, we’ve used the right technology for the job, not an off-the-shelf solution. Our expertise allows us to make sure your solar energy installation is the best solution for your building, your goals, and your budget.

Headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we serve all of Northwest Arkansas, Central Arkansas, Southern Missouri, and Northeast Oklahoma. Call us now at 479.871.3029 to talk about how a Richter Solar Energy installation can meet your energy needs, save you money, and enhance your home or business.